Why Use Night Creams?

You are probably wondering – should you have separate day and night creams? With so many new lotions being launched every day, it can get really tricky to understand what type of cream do you need to keep your skin in check.

popular night creams

If you generally go to bed without having used a night cream, you are probably doing something wrong. Using a night cream on your skin has some benefits you couldn’t have ever imagined.

In the evenings, you should use a finer cream which is not too oily because anything too rich is more likely to overload the skin while you sleep, which leads to puffiness, blocked pores and pimples.

During the day your skin needs SPF in order to protect it from free-radical damage caused by the sun, but night-time creams don’t need that kind of protection. As far as ingredients go, look for retinol and glycolic acid, which can actually improve skin while you sleep. If you use retinol, only apply it at night as it can make your skin photosensitive.

Most night creams are richer in texture, but if your skin is not too oily you can use oil as an alternative.

Some of the reasons to use night creams:

  • It keeps your face hydrated
  • It soothes your face
  • It ensures even complexion
  • It also boosts collagen
  • It helps in better blood circulation
  • Prevents your skin from sagging
  • Helps in renewal of the cells and nourishes your skin

It is also said that your skin absorb active ingredients better at night time than it does during the day, so applying ingredients-rich creams may be more benefitial at night.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of night creams, are you going to apply it before going to bed tonight? Tell us in the comments below.

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