How to Get a Smooth and Healthy Skin ?

With aging our skins loses it charm and smoothness. Our skin goes through a lot of things like the burning sun, severe cold. Sometimes we have to face the attack of acne and blemishes.
Actually it is very much tough to keep a flawless skin. People, most importantly women have a great desire to have shining and smooth skin even at the age of 40. And it is very much possible.
By taking some necessary steps men and women both can have a shiny and spotless smooth skin. By maintain a good life style along we can have that desired skin type.
Our skin undergoes many damaging effects and that’s why it needs proper care.
Our skin is exposed to all types of difficulties. Sunburn, winter cracking and many other circumstances are to be faced by this organ. So it needs great care.
By following some steps we can regain the shine glow and smoothness of our skin.
Cover your skin from the sun.

The people, who have to work outside, suffer a lot from the detrimental effect of sun rays. We remain busy all day long for the sake of our job.
And somehow we forget to use the sun block or sunscreens. The harmful sun rays of the mid day can bring great problems to our skin. It can become tanned or burned.

Our skin can lose the original color. Sometimes harmful sun’s rays can cause skin cancer! So be careful. Wrinkles, spots and rough skin all can be the consequence of excessive sun rays.
The ultra violet rays of sun can bring disaster to our skin. The sun rays after is too much harmful. Till 4 pm or 5 pm the sun remains very strong. So try to keep yourself away from the sun in this time range. And if you have to go out then use clothing which covers most of if your skin.
If your skin is capable of using sunscreen then use them. Sun protection factor (SPF) should be high in the sun screen. People of Asian country should use sunscreen of a high SPF.

Clean your skin regularly.

The skin cleansing is a must if you want to keep your skin young and smooth.
Our skin emits oil and as a result dirt catches the skin. It creates a great harm.
So skin should be cleaned with care. Our face skin is different than body skin.
So we should use high performance face wash for our face. If we have to use soap then the soap should be a mild one. We can use nourishing jell or foam for cleaning skin.
We can use good shower jells for the betterment. A good quality facial scrub always works well. The scalp should also be taken care of. And we have to remember that very hot or cold water both are bad for our skin. Always use warm water for cleaning and bathing. Try

to clean the face at least two times a day. Also look after your hands. Use of course soap or detergent can snatch the smoothness of the skin.

Try to keep the ample moisture on the skin.
Moisturizers are necessary for a healthy skin. We have to invest on a perfect moisturizer. This can be done by understanding our skin type.
Our skin can oily or dry. Oily skin needs light moisturizing while dry skin needs heavy moisturizing. Actually our skin is formed of three layers. And because the outer layer remains exposed it loses moisture. To retain this moisture we have to use good moisturizers.
If the moisturizer is too much heavy then it can catch dirt. So choose a good and decent one. You can use water based moisturizer for oily skin. These are good and not too heavy. Oil based moisturizers will be good for dry skin. In winter it is very important to use moisturizers.

Proper diet for a proper skin.

Drink a lot of water for maintaining the supply in your skin. Eat healthy, live healthy. For keeping a good and nice skin type always try to have proper diet. Proper diet refers to change of eating habits.
That means some foods have to be added in the list and some have to be trimmed. There is no alternative of fruit and vegetable based diet.
Try to get sufficient amount of Omega-3 fatty acids from fishes. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are very helpful in maintain a shiny and smooth skin. Vitamin D is very much important in keeping the skin healthy. By having tea, fruits and vegetables we can get the necessary antioxidants which can keep our health and skin nice and shining. Greasy, fatty and fried foods should be neglected.

Healthy and decent lifestyle.

Lifestyle plays a great role in maintaining a happy and decent health. Perfect weight, proper diet, good habits, regular exercises, yoga and thankful mind can be the key of a healthy life.
This all are interrelated. And by performing all these tasks efficiently we can hope to live a great life. This life includes healthy heart, good bone structure, nice toned body and skin. Leave the habits of smoking and alcohol consuming.
Smoking and tobacco using can cause skin problems. This confirmed by the American Skin Association. If you do not sleep well you will develop a rough and acne prone skin after some days. So try to have necessary hours of sleep.

Extra tips for skin care

Wash off the makeup.

Before going to bed wash off the make ups. Some makeup needs makeup removers to wash off. So try to use light makeup.

Plenty of fluids.

For giving your skin proper nourishment have plenty of fluids. Most preferable fluid would be water. And also try to avoid soda and beverages. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. Green tea can be a great source of antioxidant.

Visiting a specialist.

If you are following all the rules but still having skin problems then see a dermatologist.

Emergency kit.

Try to keep a small box having all the necessary skin care things such as sunscreen lotion, moisturizer etc.

Invest your money on correct skin care products.

You should not waste your money on bad products. Any experiment can cause harm to your skin. So always try to use good company products. It will save your skin and money both.

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