What is NTM Lung Disease and Who is Susceptible?

What is NTM Lung Disease and Who is Susceptible?

Managing a rare, but chronic lung disease.

Dr. Leah Lande, a Pulmonologist with Lankenau Medical Center; Philip Leitman, Co-Founder/President of NTM Info & Research.. and NTM Patient, Betsy Nardi, join us to discuss NTM Lung Disease. NTM stands for Nontuberculous mycobacteria.

A NTM lung infection is a chronic condition that can get progressively worse and can be debilitating in some patients. There is no cure. So awareness is crucial. And the earlier the diagnosis, the better. NTM has some very familiar and common symptoms, such as a persistent cough; lack of energy; night sweats and fever; weight-loss and shortness of breath.

Dr. Leah Lande shares her expertise on NTM. And NTM Patient, Betsy Nardi, shares her story of her diagnosis and how she’s managing. You’ll also meet a man, Philip Leitman, who, along with his wife, Fern, started an organization: NTM Info & Research, aimed at spreading awareness of this disease. Hear their story of unconditional love and determination.


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