CROI 2018 Boston – 4-7 March

CROI, sponsored by the International Antiviral Society-USA, provides top researchers from around the world the opportunity to share their latest clinical findings and best research methods for HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases. About 4,000 scientists, researchers, clinicians and students attend the conference each year, with nearly half traveling from countries outside the United States, according to the organizers. Some of the research that will be presented this year focuses on novel prevention tools, treatment options and diagnostic methods for HIV.

Conference highlights


The vaginal ring: more HOPE to the DREAM? Higher adherence and better effectiveness seen in open-label ring studies.

PrEP in the US

PrEP use growing in US, but not reaching all those in need.

Starting treatment

Same-day treatment start improves retention in care and viral suppression in Lesotho.


Efavirenz may undermine effectiveness of the vaginal ring contraceptive.

Conference bulletins

Catch up on CROI 2018 news with our summary bulletins. Available in English, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Transgender women

Transgender women in Los Angeles are more likely to be in high HIV incidence clusters than any other group.

Changing treatment

Biktarvy combo maintains viral suppression after switching therapy.

The search for a cure

Experimental antibody plus TLR7 agonist maintains viral suppression in monkeys.

HIV and pregnancy

Study finds that women are much more vulnerable to HIV infection during pregnancy and in the months after giving birth.

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