Get The Skinny On Zerona Laser Lipo Treatments

Shed problem fat naturally with the first FDA-approved, non-invasive laser lipo body contouring procedure


The FDA-approved, non-invasive body-contouring laser that instantly eliminates unwanted fat is finally here and the results are in!

No discomfort. No surgical risk. No downtime. No kidding!

The new Zerona® laser works by safely liquefying subcutaneous fat and eliminating it through the lymphatic system.


Now you can take inches off those problem areas without hours at the gym and unnecessary dieting, all while comfortably relaxing! Zerona® laser lipo treatments remove undesired fat with absolutely NO discomfort, downtime or surgical risks. How? Through a completely safe, clinically proven laser technology that targets subcutaneous fat, liquefies it and eventually eliminates it through the lymphatic system.

Zerona® Laser Treatments combined with Dr. Milgrom & Dr. Pien’s comprehensive and holistic detox program have proven to provide all of our patients who have experienced the treatment with incredible results.


The Zerona® laser lipo protocol utilizes patented and clinically proven state-of-the-art laser technology that targets unwanted fat under the skin (subcutaneous). The laser stimulates a bio-physiological process that emulsifies (liquefies) fat within adipose cells (fat cells). The fat then moves through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane, out of the cell and into the interstitial space (extracellular matrix) where it is removed by the lymphatic system.

In short, millions of your fat (adipose) cells shrink without being injured in any way…



zerona laser treatments on the hips, waist, thighs and armsZerona® Laser treatments are applied while you are comfortably relaxing, as this revolutionary method provides results with absolutely NO discomfort, surgical risks or downtime. The Zerona® laser lipo protocol utilizes patented and clinically proven state-of-the-art laser technology that targets unwanted fat under the skin (subcutaneous).

Coupled with a specialized detox regimen, the entire process only takes 4 weeks! Within these 4 weeks, patients will experience a 1-week cleanse prior to treatment and 2 weeks of treatment, for a total of 6 appointments. There is a final week of detox to ensure the effective removal of toxins and fat from the lymph system within the body. As your unwanted fat is ultimately removed by your body’s own physiological systems, we amplify the effectiveness of these laser treatments by integrating them with:

  • Patented homeopathic full-body detoxification protocols
  • European Physiological Regulating Medicine
  • High potency vitamin injections
  • Full-body lymphatic stimulation through acoustic vibration
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The results are simply extraordinary. You will be lighter, thinner, detoxified and much healthier.

… And yes, it also works on cellulite, especially when combined with Collagen Induction Therapy!!


Most people have the misconception that the cells of our various organs are organized like bricks and mortar, with each brick stuck to the cells surrounding it. However, cells are not organized this way, but loosely suspended in a watery gelatinous substance called the extracellular matrix (ECM). Every cell is surrounded by and floating in it. Among its many functions, the ECM also serves as a depository, where substances such as growth factors, hormones and toxins can be stored.

The lymphatic system’s job is clearing the ECM of accumulated toxins and metabolic waste excreted from cells. However, when toxic levels in the ECM are too high, movement of molecules through the ECM bogs down, causing cellular functions to degrade. This represents the beginning stages of organ dysfunction, which can eventually lead to chronic disease. Thus using Physiological Regulating Medicine homeopathic treatments for efficient detoxification of the ECM and lymphatic system is critical in avoiding disease, achieving optimal health and moving stored fat out of fat cells to the liver, where it is processed and eliminated.

A healthy, detoxified ECM and easily flowing lymph system greatly support effective fat loss.

In 4-6 weeks (This is only a month and a half!) you will be not only be looking skinny, you will be looking and feeling healthy too! Once you have completed your initial detox plan combined with your package of 6 Zerona® Laser Lipo Treatments that will literally help melt away excess fat within the body, you will have the opportunity to continue to exercise positive change within your lifestyle and your body.

Whether your focus is making changes with the kinds of foods you eat and/or how much exercise you are getting each day, maintaining these types of practices in your daily life will help prolong the incredible results you will receive from your Detox and Zerona® Laser Treatment plan.

You will be lighter, thinner, detoxified and much healthier.


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