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SAN DIEGO, April 15, 2018 — Heroin Detox Clinics outlines new plan to combat heroin addiction and the opioid epidemic. Maryland’s Medicaid Health Insurance has switched its drug of choice from Suboxone to Zubsolv to help ease opioid withdrawals in inmates.


Suboxone is a dissolvable film strip and Zubsolv is a pill that dissolves under the tongue. Both of these drugs are used for the treatment of opioid dependence and should be used in conjunction with a full treatment planned by a licensed professional.  Both drugs contain both buprenorphine and a drug called naloxone that reverses the effects of an overdose, although Suboxone has a higher amount of buprenorphine. Naloxone is used by emergency responders to revive people who overdose.

So why the switch?  State officials say the change was made to stop the illicit flow of the drug into jails and prisons.  The Suboxone strips, similar to Listerine dissolvable strips, was seized in 2300 cases illegally going into jails to be sold to inmates.  It is very easy to hide and smuggle in through all kinds of creative ways. Once jailer saw inmates eating pages out of a Bible.  The following investigation found that Suboxone strips were being melted into the page, brought or mailed into the jail, pages were marked and then consumed.  So Medicaid took Suboxone off the covered drug list and switched to Zubsolv to combat the smuggling.

This, however, has not been met with positive responses by the rest of the Medicaid

Courtesy: Author: Kevin Leonard /Organization: Heroin Detox Clinics


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