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Get The Skinny On Zerona Laser Lipo Treatments

  The FDA-approved, non-invasive body-contouring laser that instantly eliminates unwanted fat is finally here and the results are in! No discomfort. No surgical risk. No downtime. No kidding! The new Zerona® laser works by safely liquefying subcutaneous fat and eliminating it through the lymphatic system. WHAT IS THE ZERONA LASER Now you can take inches […]

Metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity prevalence highest in Midwest

 Metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity prevalence highest in Midwest The overall prevalence of metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes among U.S. adults is highest in the Midwest, whereas a high prevalence of metabolic syndrome among black women persists across most of the country, according to findings published in Nutrition & Diabetes. “This [geographic distribution] is important because […]

What Are Phthalates? Dining Out ‘Raises Level of Chemicals Linked to Cancer’

According to a new study, dining out risks elevated levels of potentially harmful chemicals linked to diseases including cancer in the body. Phthalates are used to make a range of plastics soft, flexible and durable, from shower curtains to nail polish and moisturizer. They can leach into food from processed materials such as food packaging, takeout boxes, […]

This is where fat goes when you lose weight, according to scientists

With the rise of the wellness movement, countless people are focused on burning calories and getting lean. But have you ever thought about exactly how fat disappears from your body? As part of a study on the topic, scientists from the University of New South Wales posed a simple question to health professionals: When somebody […]

Lost on What Vitamins to Buy?

If you’ve ever spent an unreasonable amount of time comparing brands and Googling reviews in the supplement aisle of a Whole Foods or Amazon, you’re not alone. One day I find myself desperately hunting down apple cider vinegar. The next, it’s Aloe vera, or chlorophyll, or spirulina, or whatever. It’s confusing and costly, but I […]

Anxiety and depression block 10 to15%

Anxiety and depression “block” 10-15% of Italians every day, a top Italian psychologist and therapist said Friday. The two conditions “result in Italians being less efficient socially, on their jobs and in personal relations,” said Federico Zanon, vice president of the Psychologists’ Welfare Agency (ENPAP).  

CROI 2018

BOSTON — Improved treatment, reduction in long-term complications, and the elimination of disparities in HIV prevention and outcomes will be in the spotlight at the upcoming Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 2018. Although there are unlikely to be any massive data presentations at the meeting, the combined power of numerous smaller trials is […]