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Psyllium Husk Health Benefits

DOCTOR HQ: GUT HEALTH   Jump to Metamucil & Benefiber Psyllium Husk and Weight Loss Will Metamucil Help Me Lose Weight? Metamucil & Benefiber Psyllium Fiber Vs. Methylcellulose Metamucil and Constipation FiberCon Vs. Metamucil Metamucil & Pregnancy Psyllium Husk Health Benefits Psyllium husk is a common, high-fiber laxative made from the seeds of a shrub. […]

Healthy High-Fiber Breakfast Ideas VOL-1

Healthy High-Fiber Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You Full     DoctorHQ – Series  Vol: 1   By now it’s not news that breakfast does a body good, replenishing energy, kick-starting your insulin response, and even preventing heart disease. But when life throws too much onto our plates, the most important meal of the day […]

Could pasta actually help you to lose weight?

The results of this new study will be music to many dieters’ ears; researchers conclude that although pasta is famously carb-heavy, it might, in fact, help you to lose weight. How sinful really is pasta? Ravioli, macaroni, spaghetti, lasagna, cannelloni. No doubt you are salivating as you pronounce those words in your head with a […]

How brown fat could lead to better weight loss drugs

Our bodies store two types of fat: brown, which burns calories to generate heat, and white, which typically acts as the body’s store of energy. Excess weight results from too much fat being stored in the body. Could we look to brown fat’s molecular makeup to come up with better drugs for obesity? person standing […]